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The Event Centre is a flexible space in Auckland suitable for everything from conference venues to wedding receptions

Planning a wedding could take months or perhaps years, the preparation for a beautiful wedding is something to consider thoroughly. We can assist couples that are planning their wedding. Plan and organize your wedding with the aid of a professional wedding organizers to make the most special moment in your life perfect.

A Wedding is a special occasion that anyone wishes to get right, from the ceremony to the reception location. Every individual has their own style when it concerns weddings, from how the settings will be to where it will be. By the beach or in church? There are many options to pick from. There are different kinds of Reception Venue Hire in Auckland and you should select one according to your requirements and style and the event center can accommodate them all.

There are particular elements that needs to be considered before selecting the location of your wedding.

Many people still choose having the wedding event in a church and then have their wedding reception at a different venue. In a case like this, you need to ensure that the wedding location is near the church and there is appropriate transport for the visitors. If you are planning to have the event and reception in one place then you can opt for wedding party places that are specifically created for wedding events and have the required facilities for the event.

The Event Centre in Manukau, South Auckland, is not just a wedding ceremony venue or for your wedding reception, it can also be used for any function like a kids birthday party or even be used as a small conference venue. The setting is equipped with modern facilities to capture the heart of every event through photography and video. With wedding photography specialists, any occasion or event can be caught and photographed.


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